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Hi!  I am glad to tell you that this is the guide you were searching for! Sure, because you are a discerning tourist, and most of all you deserve lots of wam cuddlesforyourwellbeing…

You will find shelving full of guides about Rome…you can’t go to Rome without

visiting places like the Colosseum, the Pantheon or the Vatican, obviously you

can’t! But sometimes when we finally decide to go on holiday it happens that we

have few days, therefore the alarm clock is set early in the morning… a quick breakfast… backpack on our shoulders,map close at hand and a digital camera hanging from the neck! we don’t need a pedometer to realise that it seems to run a race instead of being on

holiday! As a result we come back to the hotel dead tired, with painful, swollen, sore feet, and the next day will be the same! But above all when we will go back home, after our “holidays”, we will be more tired than before, it’s for sure! Here is my idea…why we don’t try to find a balance between a good journey and some relax, maybe we will find it by passing some good days at the THERMAL BATHS!

This guide doesn’t want to offer you a fixed itinerary, actually the guide is divided into provinces and it is not necessary for you to visit everything I’m going to show you in a single journey. You must remember that our watchword is RELAX…yes, a break from the psychophysical stress and the strains of modern life.

You can decide to settle in the outskirts of Rome, spending some days as a tourist in the city and others having funny outdoor excursions…and you will find out that Lazio doesn’t mean just Capital…but much more … wellequipped spa structures, natural, artistic and historical treasures, and an authentic rustic cuisine that will change you forever… Ready to go?

Thermal Baths near Rome

What’s in :

– 6 nights lodging in elegant suites located in the heart of the city. (40%-50% discount for our clients !!!)

– Car transfer from and to the airport.

– Welcome dinner with traditional dishes.

– Private English speaking guide at your disposal 24/7 for information, help & advice.

– Free guide – book book in English written by locals (providing information on main attractions, particularities of certain places, fashion, entertainment, shopping tips, best restaurants list all from the point of view of real Romans.

– Museum entrances and transport fees.

– Lots of drinks, snacks and coffee during breaks.

And, most of all:

– Guided tour of Rome every afternoon afternoon just for you (no more than 6 persons) .

  • Day one: Ancient & old Rome
  • Day two: Romantic Rome
  • Day three: St. Peter’s and Vatican ‘ s Museums (including the Sistine Chapel)
  • Day four: Secret Rome
  • Day five: Shopping
  • Day six: Leisure & culture day

– 2 optional special activities at your choice. (to choose from the optional activities list below)

  • Dancing nights (drinks included)
  • Cultural evening ( tickets to the best opera or ballet shows)
  • Romantic evening ( piano bar late evening buffet and wine tasting)
  • Mediterranean cuisine – dinner with live demonstration by local chef

Everybody likes travelling. Everybody wants to enjoy a great vacation once in a while. Everybody wants to visit the most significant places in the world. Everybody wants to get the most out of these experiences.

We believe that Rome is really the centre of the world. Rome has more history than most places. Rome is romantic, mysterious, glamorous, elegant, coloured, noisy, quiet, and complex. Rome means fine arts, impressive churches, beautiful fountains, breathtaking narrow streets, romantic strolls, unforgettable views, happy people and good food. Which one of these would you give up? None, and you’re absolutely right.

Still, you might not be satisfied with the options you have. If you choose not to worry about planning and reservations you will find yourself forced to travel with an organized group, sticking to a strict schedule and being charged twice more than the real price. If you choose to plan the trip by yourself, providing you find all the necessary time to do the online research, you will face other problems: the absence of a guide, the lack of information, you could be unsatisfied with the accommodation or find way–too expensive or low-quality restaurants.

Why choose us?

Because when we travel we just don’t visit places and follow guides. We enter a different world.

Because we can help you not only cleverly sightsee but fully enjoy Rome: feeling it, touching it, tasting it.

Because we want you to live the happiest days here with us and that’s why we listen to all your demands and wishes and we always find a way to accomplish them.

Because we are a group of young, educated and professional persons who are truly satisfied only by making our clients fall in love with our city, our history, our culture.

Why is it special?

You will be accompanied and guided by us through your entire staying but also have a lot of free time for yourselves. You will have a local English speaking guide at your disposal 24/7.

Through our guide you will gently stroll through the history of fine arts, get religious insights and discover the secrets and legends of the Eternal City. He/she will also suggest you the best restaurants and shops which we have carefully chosen for you.

Through our special evenings you will have the opportunity to spice up the vacation and dive in the cultural life of Rome.


Via Pasquale Stanislao Mancini 2 (Piazza del Popolo),
00196 ROMA (RM)



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