Study Abroad: “RomaAmor-Esther’s dream”

bcenci01dea_lunare1“I’m sure many of you will recognize the girl in this painting”Professor Buni, a history of art teacher at the Scuola Superiore per Mediatori Linguistici “Gregorio VII”,in Rome ,was holding a series of lectures on portrait painting.The class was dedicated to female figures and the connection between the artists and the women they immortalized.(…)

Esther didin’t know who that sad girl in the painting was, but she was hypnotized by her expression which seemed to want to convey something.(…) “Condemned to death? The poor thing!” Esther whispered to the boy sitting next to her,”and so young.”

As if she had heard her, the professor continued.”A few great writers such as Dumas, Stendhal and Percy Shelley were touched by the 16 year old’s story and wrote about her the fact she was sentenced to decapitation by Pope Clement VIII.However, Beatrice was almost certainly 22 years old when she was beheaded even though it seems she was this age in this painting.”

“Oh my God,” Esther tried to stifle the spontaneous exclamation. She she was the same age.

“I won’t tell you the whole story of the Cenci family right now .We are interested in analysing this piece of work and highlighting some inconsistencies in the Renian style which is usually very vivid and rich in detail, whilst here, as you can see,the background is dark and bare.Furthermore,I would like you to note that a painting with such accurate brushstrokes would have required a great deal of the artist’s time. But from Reni’s biography we know that at that time he was in Bologna, not Rome.”(To be continued) From a novel by Bisirri &Adadel



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