Astrambiente presenta: Study abroad” Study italian language and culture in Rome”

logo_astrambienteA.S.T.R.Ambiente a non-profit scientific association for the protection of environmental resources recognized by law by the Italian Ministry of the Environment and SSML Gregorio VII is one of the most famous University for interpreters and translators in Rome and is officially recognized by the Ministry of Education.
The school is located in the very heart of Rome, 5 minute’s walk away from the St. Peter’s Basilica.
On our website you will find detailed information on the Italian courses organized by us.
In addition to Italian courses you can choose to attend some of the school’s many extracurricular activities.
We offer assistance to all our students on every practical issue for the complete duration of their stay in our school from the moment of registration.
Come to learn Italian in Rome!


Why Study Abroad in Italy?
Even if you have had no previous Italian language experience, you can take advantage of our Italian language programs at our well-known Italian institution in Rome. You will also be able to find courses in business, arts, photography, literature and many more, all of which are taught in English. With Astrambiente & SSML Gregorio VII, your study abroad Italy program is more than just a program; we want it to be your study abroad Italy experience. In addition, if you are an art, art history, architecture, Italian language or business major, you will find programs designed to complement your studies. With Astrambiente & SSML Gregorio VII, your study abroad Italy program is more than just a program; it is an experience, a fantastic experience you will never forget.
Study in Rome, Italy
The old saying, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” is nearly inevitable as the Romans themselves are at once friendly and gregarious, and their love for their history and culture is often contagious.Rome ruled the ancient Western world as the capital of the mighty Roman Empire.For hundreds of years, Rome was the supreme power of Europe, northen Africa and westwrn Asia.Ancient Rome’s influence can be seen today in such filds as architecture,government,language and law. As the home oh the popes, Rome also became the center of the Roman Catholic Church.During the 1500’s and 1600’s, the popes brought a new spendor to Rome.They hired great artists like Raffaello,Michelangelo, Bramante, Bernini and others who gave the city beautiful buildings, fountains and priceless works of art. Today tousands of visitors come every year from all parts of the world to enjoy these masterpieces, and to see the ruins of ancient Rome . Any lover of history will be in heaven just strolling down the streets, as every corner seems to be a historic landmark embodying the spirits of that history. To study in Rome – its mythology as immortalized by Ovid, its politics as made famous by Julius Caesar, its religion still thriving – is to gain an educational experience unavailable in any other place; Rome’s history is world-renowned and unique. As retold by the Italian poet Virgil, the Trojan hero Aeneas went to Rome in 1200 BC. His descendents, Romulus and Remus, then founded the city after Romulus. Rome remains today one of the most important landmarks of the beginning of Western civilization. Why not learn and study about the birth of this civilization right in the city that saw its beginning, while also witnessing firsthand the culture of modern Italy as it develops, influences, and lives today? Once in Rome you can also enjoy the colorful life of sunny Rome and stroll through the city’s fashionable shops and open-air markets.Like the Romans, you can enjoy relaxing at sidewalk cafes or in the many beautiful squares.We are proud of our city and are desirous to help you find the most delicios food in restaurants or help you going shopping.


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